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There are 6576 works of art in this category

Triton and Naiad

Unknown Italian artist. 17th century

The Virgin and Child with St Catherine, St Elizabeth and St John the Baptist

Andrea del Sarto (Andrea d'Agnolo). 1486-1531

St James the Great

Bergognone (Ambrogio di Stefano da Fossano), c. 1481-1523

Mediterranean Harbour with a Tower

Adoration of the Magi

Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn, school of. 1606-1669

Cavalry Encounter

Querfurt, August. 1696-1761

Death of Henry IV and the Proclamation of the Regency

Rubens, Peter Paul (Pietro Pauolo). 1577-1640

Basket of Grapes

Unknown Italian artist. 17th century

St John

Giampietrino (Gian Pietro Rizzoli), attributed. Active-1508-1549

Portrait of Baroness Meller-Zakomelskaya

Portrait of Sir Thomas Wharton (1615-1684)

Van Dyck, Anthony. 1599-1641

Portrait of David A. Delyanov (1763-1837)

Dawe, George. 1781-1829

Portrait of a Man

Van Dyck, Anthony, workshop of. 1599-1641


Kobell, Franz. 1749-1822

Portrait of Peter I (copy)


Catherine II Placing Battle of Chesma Trophies on the Tomb of Peter the Great

Hune, Andreas Caspar. 1749-1813


There are 4173 works of art in this category

Bottomless Cave

Installation Sketch. The Series with an Excavator (the 3rd page)

Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

Ancient Palace (or Temple) on a Hill near Cefalu

Houel, Jean-Pierre-Laurent. 1735-1813

Marble Bas-Relief Depicting the Heads of Tullia and Klaudia Metella

Houel, Jean-Pierre-Laurent. 1735-1813

Badges of Ranks of the Guards Cavalry of the Turkish Troops

Interiors of the Winter Palace. The Second Reserved Apartment. Room 1

Hau, Edward. 1807-1887

Fragment of an abstract composition, 1/9. Untitled/Peace and War - 1

Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007


Kügelgen, Carl Ferdinand von. 1772-1832


Sketch of a Journey Episode

Zichy, Mihály. 1827-1906

Portrait of a Young Woman in a Powdered Wig

Anonymous Artist. 18th century

Notebook Two. Drawings of Air Raid Shleters

Nikolsky, Alexander. 1884-1953

"The Arrival of Princess Alice of Hesse to Livadia on 10 October 1894"

Zichy, Mihály. 1827-1906


View of the Cliffs of the Second Island of the Cyclopes

Houel, Jean-Pierre-Laurent. 1735-1813

Installation Sketch. The Series with an Excavator (the 7th page)

Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007


There are 264 works of art in this category

Miniature: Portrait of Ivan Ivanovich Shuvalov

Anonymous Artist

Portrait of Gustav I Vasa (1496-1560), King of Sweden

Anonymous Artist

Woman in Indian Dress

Girl in a Fur Hat

Riza yi-Abbasi, circa 1565-1635

Snuffbox with the Portrait of M.I. Kutuzov

Monogrammist "H.F." Active-early 19th century

Portrait of Gustav II Adolf (1594-1632), King of Sweden

Anonymous Artist

Pair of Ducks

Portrait of an Old Man

Janin Jeanne Louise Sophie. 1781-1842

Portrait of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna

Benner, Jean-Henri. 1776-1836

Miniature: Portrait of a Child as a Cupid

Ritt, Augustin (?). 1765-1799

Bathing a Cripple in a Healing Spring

Portrait of Karl Heinrich Nicolaus von Nassau-Siegen

Füger, Heinrich Friedrich. 1751-1818

Snuff-Box with the Depiction of Mikhail Kutuzov in front of the Portrait of Alexander Suvorov

Anonymous Artist, early 19th century

Portrait of John Swinburne

Cosway, Richard. 1742-1821

Portrait of Khoja Abu al-Hasan

Majnun in the Desert

Persian artist


There are 5438 works of art in this category

The Appearance of the Angel to Joachim

Raimondi, Marcantonio. 1475/80-1534 (?)

Female Profile

Feure, Georges de. 1868-1943

Lagoon (Le Lagon)

Sheet: Hachimantaro Yoshiie

The Winnower

"Surveillant la Commission de Surveillance"

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879

A Coffee House of Liechtenstein in Vilnius, December 7th, 1812 (from the right)

Royal Gambols (or the old oak in danger)

"L'Agent d'affaires"

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879


Velde, Adriaen van de. 1636-1672

Christ Healing Ten Lepers

Rossigliani, Giuseppe Nicolo (Nicolo Vicentino), c. 1510-?

Pair of Doric Columns Flanking the Arch

Vaccaro, Andrea. 1604-1670

Ponte Sant' Angelo and Castle Sant' Angelo

The Magazine "Le Charivari" for 1847-1852. The Sheet "M.M. Victor Hugo et Emile Girardin cherchent à élever le prince Louis sur un pavois, ça n'est pas très solide! "

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879


Portrait of Grand Duke Pavel Petrovich

Radigues, Antoine Christoph. 1719/21-1809