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There are 3000 works of art in this category

Haman Recognizes His Fate

Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn. 1606-1669

View of Collioure

Matisse, Henri. 1869-1954

Portrait of an Officer

Bol, Ferdinand. 1616-1680

"Tthe Study in an Unknown Mansion (The Yusupov Palace on Liteiny Prospect ? )"

Housset, L.

Children with a Cage and a Cat

Neer, Eglon Hendrik van der. 1634-1703

Portrait of Vladimir P. Mezentsev (1781/82-1833) (1st)

George Dawe and his workshop

Landscape with a Mill

Michel, Georges

Landscape with Ruins

Rauch, Johann Nepomuk. 1804-1847

Inner Voices (Christ Consoling the Wanderers)

Tissot, James. 1836-1902

Girl with a Bird Nest

Chaplin, Charles. 1825-1891

St Matthew the Evangelist (?), St Dujam, St Anastasius, St Louis of Toulouse and St Mark the Evangelist

Vušković, Dujam?-1447/1448

Innkeeper Singing (copy)

Unknown artist

Trompe-L'oeil: Wet-Nurse

Unknown artist

Landscape with a Castle and Hunters

Wildens, Jan, imitator of. 1586-1653

Landscape with a Bridge

Lepine, Stanislas Victor Edouard. 1835-1892

Vision of St Antony of Padua

Carducho, Vicencio. 1576/1578-1638


There are 3000 works of art in this category

Figures in a Spring Landscape (Sacred Grove)

Denis, Maurice. 1870-1943

The Design of the New Building of the Tapestry Manufactory in St Petersburg. The Facade. Plans of the Ground and First Floors

Thomas de Thomon, Jean-François. 1760-1813

Project of Ceiling

Quarenghi, Giacomo. 1744-1817

Hagar and Ishmael Guarded by the Angel

Le Sueur, Eustache. 1616-1655

Avalokiteshvara Mahakarunika

"The Summer Palace of Peter the Great"


"Portrait of the Youth from the Fonvizin Family"

Venetsianov, Alexey. 1780-1847

Winter Palace. The Facade Overlooking the Neva

Unknown artist


Castiglione, Giovanni Benedetto, called Il Grechetto. 1609-1664

Portrait of Gerasim Pavsky


Harmonious Spirit

Architectural Fantasy

Greenhouse in the Lower Garden of Peterhof. Draft

Zemtsov, Mikhail (?), workshop of. 1688-1743

Woman with a Spade

Bellange, Jacques Charles de (?), circa 1575-1617

Portrait of Charles de Bourbon

Foulon, Benjamin, circa 1550-circa 1612

French Soldier with a Gun

Thiriot. 1893


There are 178 works of art in this category

Emperor Akbar II an Elephant


Turk in a Large Turban

Youth Seated Under a Tree


Mostaert, Gillis. 1534-1598

Portrait of Elizabeth Petrovna

Ericksen, Vigilius. 1722-1782

Portrait of Jahangir

Jami. "Yusuf and Zulaikha"

Portrait of the Crown Prince, later Gustav III, King of Sweden (1746-1792)

Unknown artist

Miniature "Portraits of Mikhail and Nikolay Kamensky"

Unknown artist

Portrait of Emperor Paul I

Benner, Jean-Henri. 1776-1836

Relief Portrait of Children

Youth with a Lute

The Battle between Nader Shah and the Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah

Portrait of Charles XII (1682-1718), King of Sweden

Unknown artist

Portrait of a Man (Prince Muhammad Mirza(?))



There are 3000 works of art in this category

Bust of a Man with Thick Lips. B.308

Portrait of Franz Lefort

Mystic Marriage of St Catherine

Tinti, Camillo. 1738-1796

View Upstream the Neva River from the Admiralty and Academy of Sciences to the East. Left side

Vinogradov, Yefim. 1725-1768

Equestrian Portrait of Emperor Alexander I

L...., Paul

Nuptials of the 50 Daughters of King Thespius, or The Thirteenth Labour of Heracles

Portrait of Varvara Asenkova

Silhouette of Count F.E.Anhalt


Reverdy, Georges. 1529-1561

Catherine II in the Park at Tsarskoye Selo

Tableau Vivant: Dance of the Seasons

Ceremonial Procession in Bologna on the Occasion of Charles V's Coronation. Sheet 25-26

Portrait of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

Rundaltsov, Mikhail. 1871-1935

Sheet 3: Kato Ёmositi Norikane

St Matthew

Henry de Montherlant. 'Pasiphae'. Minos's Song (The Cretans)